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IMMI to Showcase Crash Test for Westfield High School Physics Students

WESTFIELD, Ind., October 13, 2011 — IMMI, a leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of advanced safety systems, will demonstrate a live automobile crash test on Friday, Oct. 14 for Westfield High School physics students inside its state-of-the-art Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) crash and structural test facility. Students will also be able to tour the expansive facility, exploring its high-speed video equipment, sophisticated test dummies and specialized data acquisition systems.

"We couldn’t be more excited to see this demonstration firsthand,” explained Christian Horner, Westfield High School’s physics teacher and head of the Westfield High School Science Department. "Anytime we can get out of the classroom and out of our textbooks to see physics in action is always a great learning experience. We’re grateful to IMMI for making this opportunity possible.”

Westfield, Ind.-based IMMI is hosting the behind-the-scenes experience as part of its 50th Anniversary Employee Celebration. The company was initially founded in 1961 as Indiana Mills and Manufacturing, Inc., producing and distributing aftermarket seat belts for automotive applications. Today, the family-owned operation stands as the largest manufacturing employer within Hamilton County, offering innovative safety solutions globally.

"We’re honored to open our doors and play this role in educating the next generation of engineers,” said Larry Gray, CEO at IMMI. "CAPE houses one of the world’s largest barrier blocks—designed for crash testing anything from open-wheel race cars to fire engines to full-size tractor trailers—so these students will get a rare opportunity to see many of the capabilities this unique facility provides.”

For more information on IMMI and its CAPE facility, visit www.imminet.com or www.capetesting.com.

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