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About Custom Restraints

Working with military OEM customers, IMMI® designs, develops and manufactures restraint systems that are easy to use and comfortable to wear. Thorough testing and durable construction mean a longer field life and better endurance in the harshest conditions.

IMMI offers extensive options for customizing restraint harness components, including buckles, switches, wiring harnesses, retractors and connectors, to meet the requirements of each military vehicle design. If the application requires upper torso restraint or integration with vehicle safety systems, IMMI engineering teams can develop systems to meet customer needs.


  • Buckles: Available in 3-, 4-, and 5-point configurations
  • Severe-Duty Buckle: Allow dirt/debris to escape for the gloved operator
  • Comfort Ride Products: Make the seatbelt more comfortable to encourage use
  • High-Visibility Seatbelt Webbing: Enable visual monitoring of seatbelt usage
  • Electrical Switch Options: Remind operators to wear seatbelts
  • Pre-Tensioning Mechanisms: Tighten restraints during crash
  • Severe-Duty Retractors: Designed and tested for harsh environments
  • Anti-Cinch Retractors: Reduce cinching and provide cushioning for rough rides
  • Upper-Torso Restraints: Keep occupants securely in their seats in a variety of crash scenarios


Over the past 15 years, IMMI engineers have developed extensive, specialized expertise in the development of occupant safety systems that incorporate airbags. IMMI engineers work with OEMs and supplier partners to determine airbag parameters and placement within each vehicle, carefully studying impact points from every angle before arriving at a solution that will provide increased protection for the occupant of that particular vehicle.


IMMI is a proven expert in webbing solutions. With over 50 years of web experience in a wide range of vehicle applications, IMMI brings the knowledge and engineering expertise to provide custom designed solutions for unique applications.