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Why Transport?

Easy Access to Patient & Storage

Each year in the U.S., 6 million children are transported via ambulance. Children less than 40 pounds are often strapped in a convertible child seat, which is secured to the rear-facing cot. This can lead to several issues in pediatric transport, including: difficulties storing the bulky child seat, reduced access to the patient and the inability to position the child flat on the cot.

The SafeGuard Transport is designed for quick and easy installation, use and storage. It moves with the cot backrest to accommodate multiple positions from horizontal to fully upright, allowing easy access to the patient.

Accommodates Children of a Wide Range of Sizes

For children weighing more than 40 pounds, emergency response workers typically use cots outfitted with adult-sized restraints or simply seat these children in the arms of a parent during transport. Risks for serious injuries increase greatly when patients are not properly restrained. Adult cot-mounted restraints are simply not capable of holding a child’s body in a collision. In a frontal collision, an improperly restrained child would lunge forward in the direction of the impact.

The SafeGuard Transport is the most thoroughly crash-tested cot-mounted ambulance restraint on the market, specifically designed for pediatric patients. It is the first cot-mounted restraint that safely transports pediatric patients of wide range of sizes, from 22 to 100 pounds.