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Over the course of developing the SafeGuard Transport, IMMI engineers put the product through a series of rigorous static and dynamic physical tests at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation® (CAPE), located on the campus of IMMI. In every stage of development, advanced testing played an integral role in ensuring the quality, reliability and performance of each component.

CAPE engineers tested the SafeGuard Transport to meet all applicable National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, including FMVSS 213.
Almost 100 dynamic sled tests were conducted during the development of the SafeGuard Transport, utilizing crash characteristics from actual ambulance crashes and from FMVSS 213 child restraint requirements. These tests captured a full range of operating uses, combining various cot models, test dummy sizes and multiple back angles to evaluate the performance of the SafeGuard Transport under a variety of field conditions.