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BoatBuckle tie-down systems for fire boats include:

  • BoatBuckle Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down
    The BoatBuckle tie-down system makes securing a fire boat more convenient than ever. The standard model is available for transom, bow and gunwale applications. A stainless steel system, perfect for brackish or saltwater environments, is available for transom and bow applications.
    2 inch x 42 inch (2,500 lb. Break Strength)

  • Universal Mounting Bracket Kit
    BoatBuckle retractable tie-downs can be permanently mounted directly to boat trailers. Some mounting applications may benefit from the use of the BoatBuckle Universal Mounting Bracket Kit, a unique, three-sided bracket that enables the tie-down system to be mounted on a trailer multiple ways.