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RollTek has been extensively tested and is demonstrated to dramatically increase the safety and survivability of commercial vehicles in a rollover. Over the course of designing and integrating RollTek into ambulances, IMMI engineers put each truck model through a series of rigorous static and dynamic physical tests at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE).

Product Testing

  • Trucks undergo rollover testing at CAPE with and without RollTek to observe what happens in the cab during rollovers.
  • Applied mechanics testing to test the performance of the sensor, airbags and integrated seat belts.
  • Rigorous static and dynamic physical tests on the patient compartment.
  • Mechanical tests in the IMMI quality lab validated the system’s durability and functionality against corrosion, vibration, dust, high and low temperatures, and humidity.
  • Reliability testing on each component to ensure the product meets stringent requirements for system functionality in a variety of environmental conditions.