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In the 1980s, IMMI® was the first company to develop and manufacture three-point seat belt systems for commercial trucks, and now restraints by IMMI protect drivers and operators in every type of commercial vehicle available on the market today.

IMMI has developed a number of technologies for commercial vehicle applications, including:

  • Komfort Latch – relieves seat belt tension and promotes use
  • Seat Belt Height Adjuster – helps driver properly position the shoulder belt
  • High-Visibility Seat Belt Webbing – enables officials to quickly identify if drivers are wearing their seat belts
  • Bunk Restraints – allow for proper rest and comfort, encouraging use
  • L9 Buckle – rugged latch for tough environments
  • RLS-80 Retractor – tuned to the rough ride of commercial vehicles to reduce lockups
  • NFPA 1901 Seat Belts for Fire Apparatus – customized seat belts to meet the latest industry standards
  • Electrical Switch Options – reminds operators to wear seat belts