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What is RollTek?

RollTek® is the first-ever side roll protection system for Class 8 vehicles, combining side airbag protection with the latest advancements in seat belt technology to significantly reduce the potential for death or serious injury in a rollover.

  • A roll sensor located inside the cab monitors the truck's position or angle, and, when an imminent rollover is detected, up to three other RollTek components are deployed.
  • The occupant pretensioner tightens the driver's seat belt to keep the driver securely in his seat.
  • The seat pull-down lowers the suspension seat to its lowest position to increase survivable space.
  • The side airbag inflates to cushion head impact and reduce head/neck injuries.

IMMI reminds drivers to Click, Tug & Snug® every time they drive. Advanced safety systems can only do their jobs if drivers are belted properly.